Olive Castile Soap 4oz.

Olive Castile Soap 4oz.

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*Cerified Organic* 

Pure olive oil liquid soap. Unlike most castile soaps, our Castile soap is coconut oil FREE. 

Castile Soap is a vegetable oil based liquid soap. Scent is unremarkable.

Please note that our castile soap is coconut oil-free, which is a good selling point for many customers. However, all castile soaps will eventually turn opaque if you cool them enough, but pure olive oil castile soap is especially prone to this. Differences in the fatty acid composition of the olive oil will cause batches made from different lots to cloud up at different temperatures. This is a the nature of pure olive oil liquid soaps, and there is nothing that can be done during processing to prevent this from happening.

Soaps made with a high percentage of coconut oil start to get cloudy at a much lower temperature,  which is why a soap like Dr. Bronners (which has a very high percentage of coconut oil) stays clear at cooler temperatures.

Highly versatile, this soap can be diluted greatly to wash vegetables & fruit, can be used as is as a body wash or shampoo and is a great floor cleaner when diluted 50/50 with water. Great to use as a cleaner on any water safe surface.